Dyno Tuning


We house the only 4wd dyno south of Christchurch. This means we can tune a very wide range of vehicles and ECUs. This includes many factory ECUs as well as most common aftermarket ECUs.

Currently we hold the world record for the most power made with a Nissan GTR. It is running solely on a factory tuned ECU at 1,160hp

We utilize a modern, fully computerized torque performance chassis dynamometer to perform all dyno tuning. The capabilities of the dyno allow us to log and graph a wide range of data. This includes power, torque, boost, air fuel ratios, engine knock, exhaust gas temperature, pressure ratios and many others.

Dyno tuning is a must for getting the most out of your vehicle. This is especially important when it has been altered from its factory state. Changing aspects of your vehicle can significantly increase its performance. You can get even more out of your modifications by tuning it after these changes are made. Dyno tuning can not only give your car more power but can significantly increase fuel economy, which in itself is a huge saving.

Every engine behaves and responds differently and by knowing its needs and wants we can custom tune it to perform at its best at all times. By adjusting the parameters of the Engine control unit (ECU), we can alter changes in fuel supply and ignition timing to where they work best and give the most response and power output. By controlling the amount of load on the engine, the dyno has the accuracy to hold an engine at any load level or rpm within 50rpm. This allows us to monitor of air fuel ratios and engine knock to ensure a complete, safe tune.